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EU, US, NATO Officials Express Support to Ukraine

Kyiv, March 15, 2014 – Top officials of the European Union, the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization expressed their support to Ukrainian people and called for negotiations to mitigate the crisis as Eastern European state appears at a brink of war. Earlier, the President of the Russian Federation held a press conference, where he announced that Russian troops in Crimea will undertake action, “only to protect local people.” On March 2, 2014, President Vladimir Putin got “green light” from Russia’s upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, to send troops to Ukraine.

Taking into account Russia’s unexpected and covert military intervention on Ukraine’s territory soon after the violent events in Kyiv and President Yanukovych fleeing from the country, the West offered help in de-escalating the military crisis.

The U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that economic and other necessary measures will be taken, to isolate the Russian Federation, if the conflict escalates further and President Putin sends more troops to Ukraine.

“If Russia does not choose to de-escalate, if it is not willing to work directly with the government of Ukraine, as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate Russia politically, diplomatically and economically,” commented the United States Secretary of State John Kerry.

President Obama briefly added that “If, in fact, they [Russia] continue on the current trajectory they’re on, then we are examining a whole series of steps — economic, diplomatic — that will isolate Russia and will have a negative impact on Russia’s economy and status in the world.”

Additionally, European Energy Commissioner, Günther Oettinger reported that the European Union is ready to financially support Ukraine. Top EU official was referring to a loan, which will help Ukraine get out of debt for Russian imported gas. “The European Union is ready to provide financial aid to bailout Ukraine from close dependency on Russian energy resources. This is a part of aid package, prepared by the European Commission to help Ukraine,” concluded Oettinger.

Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that North Atlantic Treaty Organization is calling for a peaceful resolution of Ukraine-Russia crisis. In the meantime, he strongly condemned Russian foreign policy, which by violating multiple international conventions, agreements and fundamental principles maintained attacking Ukraine in Crimea.

Notably, at a press conference, held on March 4, 2014 Vladimir Putin denied the use of military force against Ukrainian people and said that “Russia will use any means according to the international law to protect its citizens on Ukrainian territory.”

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