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Ensuring defense of Ukrainian territories – the best way to have ‘ceasefire’ with Russians

September 25, 2014

Important and long-expected decisions of the President

Ensuring defense of Ukrainian territories - the best way to have 'ceasefire' with Russians

Analytics of the most important events for September 24, 2014 by Head of Centre of Military and Political studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk.

1. According to data of Information Resistance group, the main activities to ensure the defense of the town of Mariupol are almost completed. Putin’s fighters will not unhook from the town soon. Also there were taken steps to ensure the defense of Kherson oblast on the administrative border with Crimea. The conditions for an assault at the mainland are not favorable, but who knows. The establishment of the defense line with anti-aircraft missiles is the best way of ‘ceasefire’ with Russians and fighters.

It is good that our military leaders were not confused by the talks of ‘peace’, ‘withdrawal of troops’ and ‘ceasefire regime’. It must be the first time we can see work in anticipation of the enemy’s actions rather than hasty reaction after the attack.


2. President Poroshenko signed a law that releases charitable assistance for the anti-terrorist operation from tax on personal income. Simultaneously the register of volunteers for the ATO was created.

This decision is necessary and long expected. For some reason our state cannot provide army with all necessary supply and creates obstacles for volunteers to do this. This looks strangely and crazy. The correction of this situation, although very slow, this is very good.

In addition there was President’s decree to send military commissars to the zone of anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Militants who participated in the ATO and got injured are to be appointed instead of mission military commissars.

3. The solving of the situation in Ukraine would become the primary task for new NATO Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. He said it himself. The adequacy with which mister Stoltenberg explained his approach is reassuring. This is understanding of inadmissibility of changing border of the state by military force and understanding of the threat that Russian aggression bring to the whole civilized world. God help you, new Secretary General.

Source: Centre of Military and Political Studies, Information Resistance group

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