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Ukrainians have developed energy-saving device

Ukrainians have developed energy-saving device

Small sensor device is called Ecoisme. It can monitor energy consumption of each device in the house or apartment.

Gadget must be connected to the main power cable.

Sensor recognizes specific sound that is produced by many electric devices after switching on. Unique algorithm helps Ecoisme to differentiate large domestic appliances as well as small ones like smartphone or playstation.

ecoisme solution
energy-saving device ecoisme

Ecoisme can send warnings and give recommendations for reducing energy consumption.

For example, if you leave your fridge open or forget to turn of cooker, device will inform you about this by sending notification right to your smartphone.

In addition, the device can give advice on when it is better to switch on large devices to pay less.

Ecoisme also provides integration with ‘Internet of Things’ which will allow manage connected appliances remotely.

Developers calculated that their invention can help saving 15% of electricity.

You can find more information about Ecoisme on their official website.

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