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Easter Feast for Your Eyes: Pysanka Masterpieces from Ivan Honchar Museum

Easter Feast for Your Eyes: Pysanka Masterpieces from Ivan Honchar Museum

In this fascinating video masters from the Ivan Honchar Museum have brought to life the history of pysanka art in different regions of Ukraine

Pysanka, the Ukrainian painted Easter egg, is an absolutely unique creation. It is striking in its elegance, perfection and wealth of compositional variations of ornamental elements and motifs. Created with the help of the written-wax batik method, pysanka eggs are tiny microcosms made of Christian symbols, flowers, animals, intricate geometric ornaments etc.

On the eve of Easter, Ivan Honchar Museum presents an animated video offering you to become better acquainted with Easter eggs painting secrets from different geographical regions of Ukraine. The video features Easter eggs painted according to the models from the personal collection of Ivan Honchar, which was built during the middle 50s – late 80s. The Easter eggs, “starring” in the video, were created by the employees of the museum – masters Laryssa Golovnia and Nadiia Bilotkach. Ivan Honchar’s Easter egg collection comprises 392 items.


Photographer: Asha Kora

Video: Ivan Tereshchenko, Iulia Novoseltseva

Music: The band Doox


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