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During the last 24 hours terrorists shelled the positions of the ATO forces 16 times, 5 soldiers were wounded. – NSDC

July 23, 2014

During the last 24 hours the positions of the ATO forces have been shelled by terrorists 16 times, 5 soldiers have got wounded.

Ukrainian troops are seen near Slaviansk


According to UNIAN correspondent this has been informed by Spokesman of the Information Centre of the Nationals Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko during a briefing in Kyiv.

‘During the las 24 hours terrorists have shelled the checkpoint and the positions of Ukrainian Armed forces 16 times. They (terrorists) have used Russian military equipment’.

He has declared that ‘during the last day there have been no losses among Ukrainian soldiers, but 5 soldiers got injured.

As it was informed previously on July 22 the soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military units participating in the ATO released the town of Severodonetsk (Lugansk region) from terrorists.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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