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Drunken militants of Luhansk People’s Republic killed the civilian

 September 26, 2014

Fighters of terrorist organization deliberately killed a civilian

Drunken militants of Luhansk People’s Republic killed the civilian

Spokesperson for Information and Analytical centre of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this. During the press briefing he presented record of talks between terrorist and their commander ‘general’ Kozitsin. Terrorist reported that drunken fighters of ‘Prapor’ group deliberately killed a civilian, resident of the town of Antratsyt in Luhank oblast. The latter had wife and children.

According to the terrorist man was killed by drunken fighters. They buried him and then confessed of their crime. The leader, so-called general Kozitsin, orders to rebury the man secretly and if someone finds it out terrorist should tell he was killed when trying to escape.

During this week Security Service of Ukraine detained 3 fighters in zone of anti-terrorist operation. The fighters are accused of being involved in terrorism, torture and execution of civilians.


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