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Draft law allowing Ukrainians to possess weapons registered in Parliament

December 10, 2014

MP Sergiy Kaplin has registered draft bill which allows Ukrainians to possess weapons

Draft law allowing Ukrainians to possess weapons registered in Parliament

MP Sergiy Kaplin [member of political fraction ‘Bloc of Petro Pororshenko] said this during press conference at UNIAN.

‘Today I have initiated establishment of parliamentary interfactional association ‘For the right to possess arms’ to promote the law ‘On firearms for civil purpose’. Today and tomorrow I will hold a meeting with deputies which, I believe, will agree to be members of this association’, – Kaplin said.

He expressed his assurance that giving citizens the right to buy, possess, carry and use firearms will allow them to protect themselves from arbitrary power, reduce criminal situation [Kaplin states that crime rate would decrease by 17-22%] and create conditions for mobilization of all Ukrainian society in case of external threat for the country.

When speaking about details of the draft law #1135, the PM said that if the document is adopted, citizens from the age of 18 years will be allowed to possess firearm provided that the person is mentally healthy, not tried and has been trained in licensed organizations that teach to use arms.

In his turn, executive director of public organization ‘Ukrainian Rifle Organization’ Andriy Khaverchuk mentioned that, according to the draft law, it is proposed to allow concealed carrying of short-barrel and automatic weapons (except for guns), firearms and use them for the purpose of self-defense.

‘The draft law provides the right for purchase of any firearm except for machine guns. So that this is actually all range of weapons from handguns to rifles and automatic carbines. The righ for concealed carrying of such weapon is provided.



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