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Donetsk airport has been destroyed

January 22, 2015

Cyborgs retreated from Donetsk airport due to its complete destruction

Donetsk airport has been destroyed

Here is data about situation in Eastern Ukraine as of morning January 22. The situation in zone of hostilities has complicated significantly due to massive attack of Russian-terrorist forces.

According to spokesperson of headquarters of Ukrainian Armed Forces, in course of the last day 10 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 16 were wounded.

Currently there is information about 6 killed defenders of Donetsk airport. 16 ‘cyborgs’ were wounded and captured by terrorists.

Donetsk airport has been destroyed

Faces of 'cyborgs'

Here are brave ‘cyborgs’, one who those who gave their life defending Donetsk airport and territorial integrity of Ukraine

According to the last information, Donetsk airport has been completely destroyed.

The main editor of journal Yuriy Butusov informed this in his Facebook.

Ukrainian armed forces have been defending this strategic location for 242 days – from May 26, 2014 to January 22, 2015.

‘New and old terminal, control tower, everything that could serve as strong point of defense has been destroyed’, – Mr.Butusov wrote.

The entire airport is now the territory of direct fire. The surviving defenders have only recently retreated from the remnants of the airport.

‘I thank to all who have survived the hell of latter-day defense but have remained faithful to the oath and military duty. I thank to those who are wounded and eternal memory to those who remained in the new terminal forever’, – the journalist wrote.


Source:, headquarters of anti-terrorist operation, Yuriy Butusov

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