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Donbas is testing ground for weapons

January 17, 2015

Russian uses Donbas as testing ground for new weapons

 Donbas is testing ground for weapons

The Russian side strengthens its military forces long its border with Ukraine.

Russian Federation not only gives weapon for Donbas fighters, it also uses the region as a testing ground for the latest models of weapons.

Spokesperson of press-service of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during press briefing.

He states that Russian Federation strengthens its military forces along Ukrainian-Russian border.

The intelligence reports about location of modern heavy military equipment near the Russian city of Rostov [Rostov oblast borders with Ukrainian East].

In particular, intelligence reports about the following weapons:


The mentioned military equipment is periodically transferred to Ukrainian territory and is used to shell positions of our armed forces.

In addition, there are tests of new electronic surveillance and electronic warfare systems and small arms.

Thus, Russian cynically uses Donbas as testing ground of new weapons regardless of possible civilian casualties.

Source:, press-service of anti-terrorist operation

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