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First attempt to discover reasons of war in Donbas in documentary film ‘Rejection. Battle for Ukraine’.

Rejection. Battle for Ukraine

Documentary film about reasons of military conflict in Ukrainian Donbas was presented to public on June 5 in Kyiv.

The film under title ‘Rejection. Battle for Ukraine’ was created by Ukrainian director Liudmyla Nemyrya together with public activists.

This is an attempt to uncover reasons for appearance of military conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

‘Film ‘Rejection. Battle for Ukraine’ – is not an attempt to find perpetrators, it is an attempt to analyze main factors that caused war’.

In this documentary the creators also tried to find out and understand why factors that could stop this war hadn’t worked.

It is an attempt to explore violence factor which, according to creators of the project, is a key reason why Ukraine is under occupation today.

In course of one year the crew conducted interviews with more than 50 witnesses, heroes, victims of events of ‘Russian Spring’ in Donbas.

Most of them are representatives of civil society, but not only. The crew also interviewed representatives of local Donbas authorities, law enforcement officers who had remained loyal to their oath.

According to the film’s director, the crew deliberately avoided focusing on hostilities because this is a totally different story.

The film will be available for viewing in three languages – English, French and German.

Creators of this documentary plan to show it across the network of Houses of Human rights (90 organizations from 13 countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Southern Caucasus, Western Europe, Eastern Africa and Horn of Africa). In addition, they plan to show the film throughout Ukraine.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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