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DNR threatens to shot down OSCE drones

 October 15, 2014

DNR fighters threaten to shot down German drones

DNR threatens to shot down OSCE drones

One of DNR [Donetsk People’ Republic] terrorist leaders Bodys Lytvynov said this in his interview to German newspaper Bild.

Fighters from DNR threaten to shot down German drones that would be used by monitoring OSCE mission in Eastern Ukraine.

‘We will not allow the usage of drones on Ukrainian-Russian border. They will be shot down’, – he Lytvynov said.

According to him, DNR fighters will consider usage of foreign drones as espionage and will ‘react very negatively to this’.

As it is known, France and Germany have given OSCE general suggestions for support of monitoring mission in Eastern Ukraine. They suggested using drones and sending accompanying army personnel.


Editor: It should be mentioned that Donbas terrorists seemingly exist in some parallel reality where they have never heard of Minsk agreements on ceasefire and withdrawal of troops. Every day Ukrainian military experts and official governmental defense structures report about several dozens of cases of violation of ceasefire by terrorists. Almost every day Ukrainian Armed Forces lose soldiers. In some locations (like Donetsk airport or Debaltsevo) terrorists shelling and attacks are unceasing.

Terrorists themselves actively use drones for aerial reconnaissance and further shelling of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and residential areas.

On this background, such reaction of terrorists to OSCE intention to use drones seems an attempt to hide other crimes they commit on regular basis – smuggling of metal scrap and coal, illegal crossing of border by Russian Armed Forces etc.


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