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DNR and LNR experience problems with replenishment of terrorist groups

 October 15, 2014

Hunt for cyclists in LNR

DNR and LNR experience problems with replenishment of terrorist groups

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group.

During the last day, Russian-terrorist troops traditionally violated the ceasefire regime more than 40 times. They used multiple rocket launcher systems, mortars and small arms to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of anti-terrorist operation.

Shortages of personnel. DNR and LNR seek ways of replenishment of terrorist groups

In DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] they have an acute problem of the replenishment of terrorist groups with manpower instead of those that have deserted or have been killed. There is an active propaganda among the locals in order to attract them as volunteers. The main motivation – providing regular meals and accommodation in the ‘barracks’.

LNR also experiences shortage of personnel. They have introduced a system of single recruitment of volunteers among local residents to participate in assaults at positions of Ukrainian troops. They promise to pay 200 UAH [less than $ 20] for participation in one armed clash. The most popular ‘posts’ are those in mortar calculations, the post of grenade launcher is the less popular.

DNR expresses claims against LNR

Everywhere the so-called commander of terrorist group DNR express claims against LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] concerning the fact that DNR ‘covers LNR from Ukrainian troops from the west’, but the lion’s share of resources coming from Russian remain in LNR.

Commandment of DNR attempts to fight against robberies and looting. The terrorist groups have established representatives of ‘military police’ to fight against robbery. However, the effectiveness of this innovation is hard to see because the ‘policemen’ are appointed from the same terrorists that are inclined to rob and loot.

In hunt for cyclists

Fighters have announced hunt for cyclists on the territories controlled by LNR. There have been registered numerous cases of detainment of civilians using cycles on the pretext of checking. They assume that Ukrainian artillery adjusters move on bicycles. Due to that local residents try to reduce the use of this transport.


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