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DNR leader Zakharchenko fears fate of Mozgovoy

DNR leader Zakharchenko fears fate of Mozgovoy

Leader of Donetsk People’s Republic fighters Zakharchenko began to fear for his life during past weeks.

Ukrainian journalists think that hunt for Zakharchenko has already been announced by Russian security service.

Several companions of DNR leader disappeared during the previous months.

Previously Zakharchenko informed OSCE mission that he wouldn’t participate in any meetings beyond territory of DNR till late July. He explained this by his health state.

Previously ‘unidentified’ subversive groups killed three well known terrorist leaders in Luhansk oblast.

Bednov, call sign Batman

Bednov, call sign Batman

Ishchenko, call sign ‘Malysh’ (the kid)

Ishchenko, call sign ‘Malysh’ (the kid)

Well known commander of Alchevsk armed group ‘Ghost’ Alexey Mozgovoy.

Alexey Mozgovoy

Security Service of Ukraine says that Russia security service sweeps terrorist leaders in such way.

Among all leaders of uncontrolled armed groups only ‘Batya’ Dremov remains in Luhansk oblast. Commander of Donsky Cossacks Nikolay Kozitsyn escaped to Russia.

Commander of Donsky Cossacks Nikolay Kozitsyn


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