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DNR fighters cannot stop fighting for Debaltseve due to ‘moral’ reasons

February 17, 2015

Russian-backed fighters cannot stop shelling Debaltseve for ‘moral’ reasons

DNR fighters cannot fight for Debaltseve due to ‘moral’ reasons

Russian-backed separatists are still trying to seize Debaltseve.

They cannot stop fighting for this location because of ‘moral’ reasons.

One of leaders of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin informed this before the scheduled press conference of the contact group.

According to him, fighters cannot withdraw heavy military equipment as it was agreed until Ukrainian servicemen do the same.

‘We have no right [to stop fighting for Debaltseve]. This is even a moral thing. This is an internal territory’, – Pushilin declared.

‘We have to respond to fire to work on destruction of the positions of the enemy’.

When being asked about plans to withdraw military equipment Pushilin said they are ready at any time. However, they won’t do anything unilaterally.


As it is known, since Sunday, February 15, according to Minsk agreement, the ceasefire was announced in Eastern Ukraine. However, at some part of the front line terrorist fighters continue attacking and they are trying to take the town of Debaltseve under their control. The town has got important railway station and convenient road junction.


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