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Journalist published record of DNR ‘elite’ talking about tortured Ukrainian prisoner

DNR ‘elite’ talking about to tortured Ukrainian prisoner

There has appeared another evidence of war crimes committed in self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. Journalist of Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 has got evidence that fighters in DNR torture and kill Ukrainian servicemen.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko published record of telephone conversation in which so-called officials of DNR decide how to hide traces of torture on the body of dead soldier.

‘Deputy Head of DNR Commission’ Liliya Rodionova called to ‘Acting Minister of Internal Affairs’ Oleskiy Dykyi. She informed that in town of Dokuchaevsk there is a body of Ukrainian servicemen with traces of tortures.

Rodionova said that fighters had already called for wife of the killed soldier that asked what to do with torture traces.

‘Deputy on issues of prisoners’ warned that at Ukrainian territory a forensic expertise would be held that medics with find out that soldier had been tortured. Oleksiy Dykyi advised her not to give body of murdered soldier to his wife.

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‘What is it? Fantasies of Orwell of Huxley? No, this is just reality of DNR. Official ‘representatives’ on exchange of prisoners and victims are needed to conceal facts of torture in time. I believe that these people should search for good advocate right now. In the Hague’, – Andriy Tsaplienko summed up the video evidence.

Journalist recalled words of Liliya Rodionova she declared in March 2015. ‘We do not exchange bodies, we try to teach Ukrainian side that exchanging dead bodies in blasphemy, they just need to be given’.

‘Apparently covering up beasts is not blasphemy’, – Tsaplienko mentioned.

Vatch video here.



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