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DNR announced the subjugation of colonies and jail

September 18, 2014

Currently terrorist organization controls 7 colonies and one jail in Donetsk

DNR announced the subjugation of colonies and jail

The self-proclaimed DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] has created ‘Departmnet of Executions of Sentences of Ministy of Internal Affairs of DNR’ run by Aleksey Ryazanov. The press service of the DNR reports this.

Thus separatists state that they have created the department that subjugates correctional institutions that are located at territories of Donbas controlled by them.

‘Currently the Main Separtment controls 7 correctional institutions and Donetsk jail’, – the separatists inform.

In August, it was reported that separatists took control of 2 correctional colonies in the town of Gorlivka. National Security and Defense Council also reported that separatists carried our ‘mobilization’ in Donetsk jail.


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