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Dmytro Tymchuk: Military Emergency Implementation in the Certain Regions of Ukraine Will not Impede Presidential Elections but Greatly Facilitate Anti-terrorist Operation


May 5, 2014 – «Defense bodies today are unable to actively response to the separatists’ attacks», – Mr. Tymchuk said during his press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center. In his opinion, the sabotage apparent in the Eastern and Southern regions and resulting in dozens of casualties in Odesa could have been prevented, if the country’s military and political leaders had started preparing to the possible scenario and substituting the military departments’ commanders in these regions two months ago, back in March.

Implementation of military emergency in these regions is a necessary step which, according to Mr. Tymchuk, his group proposed the government to take. «Despite that, they would not even listen about military emergency, – the military analyst says, – however, it would enable controlling at least the informational environment which is today playing against the Ukrainian army. When social networks are riddled with videos of Ukrainian military machines relocation with their accurate coordinates, one can hardly talk about any covert tactical maneuvers». The military expert emphasized the need to control Russian journalists’ movements. «I can barely imagine the Kremlin allowing foreign journalists to take live footage, let’s say, at the Chechen war. Nonetheless, it is possible to track the journalists, and those who work against Ukraine by misrepresenting the facts must be made non-grata in our country», – he added.

Moreover, the coordinator of the Information Resistance group engaged in collection and analysis of information about military machines redeployment on the Eastern and Southern borders of Ukraine confirmed the information on bringing 50 aircrafts and 300 persons of their crews from the Russian Federation to the Crimea. Mr. Tymchuk did not specify whether this should be regarded as dispositions for the military intervention or a mere show-off before the 9-th of May parade. Nevertheless, according to his group, no additional troops are brought to the eastern borders of Ukraine so far.

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