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Dmytro Tymchuck: Terrorists are making new centre is Snizhne

Terrorists are gradually establishing new military base in the east of Donetska oblast

Dmytro Tymchuck: Terrorists are making new centre is Snizhne

The news was published by the coordinator if the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuck

Previously Yuriy Lyashko reported that nearly 300 fighters came to Snizhne. Also armoured personnel carrier, machinegun and antiaircraft mount were brought there.

‘While the attention of the powers of Anti-terrorist operation is concentrated on Slovyansk, in Snizhne a new terrorist centre is being gradually and carefully created. Defense is being organised taking into account the mistakes of the first military base,’ – D. Tymchuck wrote on his Facebook page while analysing the appeal of the new president Petro Poroshenko to cease fire to the end of the week.

According to Tymchuck the quick ceasing of Anti-terroris operation is possible in 3 hypothetical cases:

  • radical reformation of the operation and its effective ending
  • ending of the operation simultaneously with the agreements with Putin
  • leaving of Donbas and subsequent creation of criminal state like Pridnistrovya

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