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Dmytro Karp, “Communist Party of Ukraine IS Acting Illegally”


Kyiv, May, 20th, 2014 – Representatives of Maidan’s civil unions initiated a ban of the Communist Party of Ukraine. This was stated during a press conference in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center by Natalia Didyk, representative of Circles of National Trust, Dmytro Carp from Avtomaidan Kyiv and Anna Maliar from the Vetting Committee of Maidan.

According to the actiivists, the CPU’s activity is aimed at undermining security, territorial integrity, as well as incitement to hatred in Ukraine. This reason is enough to stop its activities. That is why the initiative group of the General Prosecutor filed an application for prohibition of the Communist Party.

Other reasons that prompted the Maidaners to step up with this initiative is that the Ukrainian Communist Party is the successor of the Soviet one. And, therefore, is responsible for the crimes of the Communist Party (the genocide of the 33′s, the deportation of Crimean Tatars). In addition, according to Anna Maliar, the CPU does not have a legitimate reason to exist. In 1991, the Communist Party was banned by court decision, and in 2001 the Constitutional Court, going beyond their competence recognized this decision illegal.

In addition, according to activists, the Communist Party is cooperating now with separatists and the Russian Federation. That is one more reason to ban their activities.

Participants of the briefing stressed that everyone will be able to contribute to this initiative. On the Facebook page “Circles of National trust” an application form will be posted that can anyone can fill in and submit to the GPU.
In conclusion, Natalia Didyk, assured that similar actions will be carried out against all political separatists.

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