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Dmitry Yarosh: it is necessary to do everything to create a “bridge” between the Donbass and Kiev


Kyiv, May 22th 2014 – the leader of the “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh spoke on political prospects of the organization and his first steps should he be elected as the President of Ukraine at a press-conference at Ukrainian crisis media center.

Mr. Yarosh said that the residents of Donetsk, Lviv and Kiev – the whole country without exception aim for dignified life. “Right sector” will do everything possible for the elections on May 25th were held properly. After these elections the elections to parliament and local councils should come. These elections will be an important step to getting the Ukrainian independent state. I encourage everyone who wants their children to grow up in a free and prosperous country, help us in this,”- he said.

According to Mr. Yarosh, “Right sector” would like to participate in all the elections – to the parliament and to local councils. “We believe that the people who came out sacrificially on the Maidan, could manifest themselves likewise in the state building and therefore in the government”, – he said.

According to the leader of “Right sector,” when there is an external enemy, it is necessary to unite all the forces both in the government and in the opposition. “We are considering the options, and now cooperate with the same power structures on many fronts”, – he said.

Mr. Yarosh said that the soldiers of “Right sector” acting at the territorial defense battalions in Donetsk, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk have no problems with being hated or treated badly. “On the contrary, we are now seeing that in the Donbas some psychological change occurred, and those who recently treated the terrorists and separatists with certain sympathy, now do not express it anymore. We constantly get information about what they already say in Donbas: when the “Right sector” comes and finally sort out the mess,”- he said. The leader of the “Right sector” opined that it is very important to establish the maximum number of volunteer units from the local population.

On the intention to unite with the party “Svoboda” Mr. Yarosh said that when it comes to the unity of the nationalist movement, various designs are being considered. It’s not necessary to combine “Svoboda” and “Right sector” as two political parties that will turn into the one, but they are simply obliged to coordinate the activities in terms of development of Ukraine. “Nationalist Movement should be united” – he stressed.

Mr. Yarosh identified two important areas to focus on should he win the presidential election. First, in his opinion, it is necessary to do everything to create a “bridge” between the Donbass and Kiev. “Today, there are really no people who would represent the interests of Ukrainian citizens from Donetsk and Lugansk regions in Kiev, so this issue must be solved. And the first thing to do is to hold early parliamentary elections, so that people can choose their representatives to the central government,”- he said. The second is to accelerate and improve the efficiency of the anti-terrorist operation. “It is clear that with those who took up arms, who rob, kill and rape Ukrainians no negotiations should be conducted. Only physical liquidation of their leaders and neutralization of illegal armed groups”, – he said.

Mr. Yarosh assured the citizens living in Lugansk and Donetsk regions that the “Right sector” is not going to carry out any violent Ukrainization or any other things of the sort.

The leader of the “Right sector” also said that, in his opinion, the question of forms of the government should be addressed to all the Ukrainian people in a referendum. He noted that he prefers the presidential-parliamentary form of government, because when there is a military threat to the state, a certain centralization of power is a must.

Responding to a question, how Dmitry Yarosh will cooperate with the new President of Ukraine, should it be Peter Poroshenko, the leader of the “Right sector” said that it’s necessary to establish such cooperation, which will benefit the country. “Let’s see what he will come with and what he will do. If it will be government steps – we will support such steps. If he diverts Ukrainians from “Maydan” direction – of course, we will oppose this man”,- he said.

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