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Displaced people as moving force of Ukrainian development

January 17, 2015

Activists on importance of displaced people for Ukrainian development

Displaced people as moving force of Ukrainian development IDP - moving forc for ukraine

Ukrainian government sees internally displaced people from Crimea and Donbas as burden on social spending. However, they can become moving force for development of necessaty industries and creation of jobs in other regions.

Co-founders of initiative ‘All-Ukrainian Organization for internally displaced people’ Alexander Melanchenko and Oksana Yermilova stated this during press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The public activists stated that one of most successful countries, such as US, Canada and Australia, in the world had been built by displaced people. The first wave of internally displaced Donbas residents is active people who want to live in Ukraine and develop our country.

Activists have already created more than 350 workplaces in 2 oblasts of Ukraine.

Mrs. Yermilova stated that displaced people from eastern regions do not apply for workplaces of other regions. ‘We want to create their own workplaces and make our country rich together’.

Activists see agriculture, energy sector and small-scale production as the most promising areas for attracting internally displaced people.

In addition, specialists that have left Donbas can become alternative workforce for international companies that leave Russian due to European and American sanctions. According to Mr. Melanchenko, companies Procter & Gambe and Danon already think of withdrawal of their production from Russia.

The activists point out lack of communication between volunteers and public authorities as the main problem on way to successful reintegration of displaced persons.

They underline necessity of creation of government agency which would deal with problems of internally displaced people.


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