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Detained Russian servicemen shocked that Russia gives up on them

Detained Russian servicemen shocked that Russia gives up on them Detained Russian servicemen shocked that Russia gives up on them


Statements of detained Russian serviceman Aleksandrov contradict to interviews of his wife.

Arrested men complain that Russian embassy doesn’t pay attention to them.

Two Russian servicemen were recently arrested in Eastern Ukraine. Reaction of Russian side on their appearance in Media was more than strange.

Russia and self-proclaimed republics gave different version of origin of these two men and how they had appeared in Ukraine.

Finally Russian side admitted that these people served in Russian army but they had been discharged in December 2014.

This was informed by wife of one of detainees – Alexander Aleksandrov. She said that her husband had been discharged in December 2014, then he went to Samara and she knew nothing of his whereabouts until he appeared on TV as war prisoner in Ukraine.

Ukrainian side insists that these statements are not true. Aleksandrov’s wife works in personnel department in military unit where her husband served. It is impossible that she wasn’t aware of where her husband is for such a long time.

Aleksandrov’s wife

Aleksandrov’s wife

Journalist of ‘Novoe Vremya’ [New Time] magazine told Aleksandrov about this interview. The man was actually shoked and for some time refused to believe that his wife could say so.

According to Aleksandrov, he is an acting serviceman of Russian Armed Forces and he had an order to go to Ukraine.


Another detainee was outraged by attitude of Russian representatives to them.

According to him, many international organizations have already visited them in hospital. However, Russian consul still hasn’t paid attention to these Russian citizens.

‘Situation is that all came. UN came, the Red Cross came, OSCE. Everyone asked if I was safe and sound. They asked whether I get medical care. Everyone has come here except for Russian embassy. I understand that they have refused me as servicemen, let it be. But I am still citizen of my country. And I would like to see some representative here’, – said Erofeev.


Decision to Russian diplomats visit arrested servicemen was made on Thursday, May 21.

Meanwhile in Russia Ukrainian consul can’t always visit Ukrainian imprisoned there. Consuls can hardly get permission to visit Nadia Savchenko or Oleg Sentsov.

In addition, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry can’t get information about Ukrainian servicemen that might be detained in Russia.

Source: Ukrainska pravda

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