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Destabilizing activities in Ukraine are supported by Russia – Derek Chollet, Assistant to US Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs


Kyiv, June 2, 2014. United States will provide Ukraine with $ 18 mln. security assistance, Derek Chollet Assistant to US Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, confirmed during his briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. This assistance, announced by Vice President Joe Biden during his recent visit to Kyiv, will include basic field assistance like tents and other equipment. “We are almost doubling the security assistance for Ukraine” – noted Mr. Chollet. He noted that in the current situation Ukraine will need highly effective arm forces and strengthening defense institution.

Mr.Chollet confirmed that President Obama will meet with the President elect of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday.

Speaking about events in the Eastern Ukraine, Mr. Colet condemned “destabilizing activities that we believe are supported by Russia, seeking to undermine democratically elected President of Ukraine”. He also stressed that US condemns and rejects Russia’s occupation of Crimea. “We are here to reaffirm our support. We made very clear that we are prepared to do more in terms of sanctions [against Russia]”.

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