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Despite terrorist act Heavenly Hundred was commemorated

February 23, 2015

Despite terrorist act in Kharkiv, the participants of peace march commemorated heroes of Heavenly Hundred


Despite terrorist act Heavenly Hundred was commemorated

The inscription says: ‘Glory to Heavenly Hundred’

On February 22, 2015 terrorist act took place in Kharkiv during peace march in commemoration of Heavenly Hundred heroes. The grenade which was thrown into the marching crowd killed 2 people. 10 civilians received wounds of varying severity, some of them are in difficult state.

Despite terrorist act people held events to commemorate heroes of Heavenly Hundred killed during revolution of Dignity and people killed in anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine.

People came with posters ‘Heroes don’t die’ and portraits of killed heroes. During meeting the names of heroes were announced.

Despite terrorist act Heavenly Hundred was commemorated

The highest level of terrorism threat was implemented in the city. Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs have begun anti-terrorist operation. They detained 4 participants of terrorist act and seized their weapons (including grenade launcher).

February 23 was announced a mourning day in the city.


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