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Despite agreements, Ukrainian medics weren’t allowed to examine Savchenko

March 13, 2015

Despite agreements that were reached Ukrainian doctors couldn’t examine Nadia Savchenko

Despite agreements, Ukrainian medics weren’t allowed to examine Savchenko

Press service of State Administration informed this.

According to deputy chief doctor on medical issues of ‘Feofania’ hospital Andriy Strokan, this morning delegation of doctors arrived to Moscow this morning.

However, at midday nobody allowed them to examine Nadia Savchenko.

The vedical delegation was accompanied by Savchenko’s sister Vira and consisted of Chief Specialist on Gastroenterology of Ukraine Ministry of Health protections, deputy chief doctor on medial issues of ‘Feofania’ hospital, anesthesiologist Strokan and Head of the Neurology Department on National University after Bohomolitsa, Professor Larysa Sokolova.

Nadia Savchenko had been on hunger strike for more than 80 days since December 15 when on March 5 she agreed to partially cease her starvation. At that moment Nadia Savchenko had problems with her health.

Doctors in Moscow jail offered Nadia to drink chicken broth. Later she refused to drink it and said she would follow recommendations of Ukrainian doctors. On March 11 Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin informed that health of her client hadn’t got better. She apparently had acute pancreatitis.


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