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Deputy of Defense Minister of LNR killed near Luhansk

September 29, 2014

Deputy of Defense Minister of separatists LNR died near Luhansk

Deputy of Defense Minister of LNR killed near Luhansk

In Luhansk oblast separatist Deputy of Defense Ministry of LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] Stanislav Tymofeev  was killed. He participated in hostilities on the side of separatists in the artillery unit ‘Battle Beavers’.

Fellows of Timofeev who supported contact with him reported this.

One of Timofeev’s fellows wrote the following in on of separatist groups in social networks: ‘If you remember, recently we brought help to the artillery unit ‘Battle beavers’. Three days ago, we sent some more help to those courageous guys. Their commander asked for 30 pairs of boots and cigarettes. Several hours ago Stanislav died in battle’.

It should be noted that there were no hostilities in Luhansk oblast on the day when Tymofeev died. There was only Russian shelling of the town of Shchastya. The details of the death of Deputy of LNR Defense Minister are not yet known.


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