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Denys Brodskyi: Professional strength of the whole corps of public officials is a guarantee of economic growth of Ukraine


KyivJune 05, 2014 – «Professional strength of the whole corps of public officials and state management quality is a guarantee of economic growth of any country. That is why it is essential for Ukraine to create highly-qualified and politically neutral state service in order to overcome corruption and become a powerful country», – stated Denys Brodskyi, former head of Ukrainian National Agency for State Service during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

«Society should realize the importance of state service reform and demand it from the government. The system will not change by itself without any public pressure, – he added. – Serving interests of the public, public officials’ keeping within the law, transparency of appointment to state posts were one of the basic demands of Maidan, and they are to form the basis of the new law “On State Service” which is under development».

Giving comments on his resignation from position of the head of Ukrainian National Agency for State Service, Denys Brodskyi stated: «Despite some controversies with the Cabinet of Ministers regarding reform of the state apparatus system, I still believe that the system is to be radically changed. Having analyzed active legislation we suggested a new law concept “On State Service” in terms of a management system which includes transparent independent competition when appointing candidates to executive positions. It also makes conflict of interests, when the subject of appointment sends the candidate’s papers to be checked and then decides on its own whether the candidate passed such checkup or failed, impossible».

At the same time, in Mr. Brodskyi’s opinion, the system proposed will separate political appointments from employment on the basis of the competence, decency and patriotism. Accordingly, appointments will be made taking experience, leadership skills, common sense etc. into account.

«System of public officials’ remuneration also needs reforming», – he added.

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