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Demonstrative flights of Russian helicopters along Ukrainian border

October 16, 2014

OSCE mission confirmed terrorist shelling of the settlement in the suburbs of Mariupol

Demonstrative flights of Russian helicopters

Spokesperson for Information and Analysis Center of National Security and Defense Council colonel Anfriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

OSCE observation mission has registered results of shelling of the settlement of Sartana in the suburbs of Mariupol that took place on October 14. OSCE representatives have confirmed that shelling was carried out from the East, where the positions of terrorists are located. We remind that on October 14 terrorists shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and burial procession in the village. The shell hit directly into the procession killing 7 civilians. 17 people were injured.

During the last day, there were no armed clashes along border areas controlled by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Demonstrative flies of Russian helicopters

Armed forces of Russian Federation continue active aerial reconnaissance with violations of Ukrainian air space. Yesterday there were registered 2 drones: one was flying near Mariupol, another one – on the administrative border with occupied Crimea.

In additions, Russians carry out demonstrative flights of military helicopters along Ukrainian-Russian border in Luhansk oblast. They do not violate Ukrainian air space.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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