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“Democratic Alliance” in favour of Kyiv residents taking part in city governance and giving the “green light” to businesses


Kyiv, May 7, 2014 – Head of the “Democratic Alliance” political party Vasyl Gatsko presented the top five candidates to represent the party in the race for the Kyiv City Council during a press briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre. The top five are:

Vasyl Gatsko, head of the “Democratic Alliance” party
Halyna Ianchenko, expert at the Anti-Corruption Action Centre
Dmytro Levitsky, lawyer
Andrii Bohdanovych, deputy head of the “Democratic Alliance” party
Olena Shuliak, CEO of “Midland Development Ukraine”

Vasyl Gatsko noted that for the first time in the political history of Ukraine the selection of the top five election candidates was completely transparent, free and professional. The “Nominating Committee” was created specifically for the purpose of selecting these candidates. It included prominent representatives of the business, public, academic and journalistic fields, in particular the “Chesno” movement and the initiative “Nashi Hroshi”. Also, a professional HR agency was hired for the first time to assess these candidates.
The Democratic Alliance program was created with the help of Kyiv residents, who could submit their opinions and requests via a special website. At the same time the party was working with expert groups. In the end, the “Democratic Alliance” party has identified the following aspects as key for the city’s development:

1. Strengthening the role of citizens in city governance; establishing mechanisms of involving the citizens in decision-making not only during, but in between elections
2. Combating corruption
3. Comfort and quality of life
4. Stimulating business activity, development of small and medium-sized businesses

The hopefuls for a top-five position presented concrete methods of implementing the program. In particular, the introduction of an on-line city budget with electronic access to all the expenditures and revenues; auditing the activities and finances of utilities; creating a map of repair sites and municipal construction sites; the introduction of public tenders for construction at the expense of the city; creating the Public Council under the Kyiv City Council, which will also serve as an Expert Committee; promoting condominiums and public initiatives in governing the city; creating methodological and consultative framework for entrepreneurs; creating a system of “green light” for obtaining permits and licenses, promoting start-ups and business incubators in the capital.

The full program of the party and the list of its candidates for City Council is available at:

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