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Delegation of Committee on the Affairs of the European Union of the German Bundestag: Putin’s time is running out, the solution has to be found in the peaceful dialogue


Kyiv, April, 14th, 2014 – Gunther Krichbaum, (CDU/CSU), the Chairman of the Committee, has stated at the briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center: “We must keep further our dialogue with Russia. Cancellation of membership in the Council of Europe would mean that Russia is no longer related to the European Convention on Human Rights. Therefore, we can deprive Russia of voting rights, but not the membership.”

Regarding the EU-Ukraine Association, Mr. Krichbaum has highlighted: “We certainly support the European aspirations of Ukraine and the anxiety among Ukrainian citizens due to the abandoned signing of the Association Agreement by the former President Viktor Yanukovych, who thus denuded Ukrainians of hope. However, 20 years ago no one could say that the EU would look like it looks today. Therefore, now we cannot suppose how it will change in the next 25 years. It is important that Ukraine continues to move forward and does not forget about reforms, as the Copenhagen criteria should be met.”

As to the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, the delegation representative has mentioned following: “It should be the decision of Ukraine itself. There have been some rumors that during the reunification of Germany Russia was promised that there would be no NATO’s eastward expansion. But the Warsaw Pact bloc had not yet collapsed then and this promise would mean that Germany was deciding the destiny of Poland – a member of the Warsaw Pact bloc. And this is impossible as Poland is a sovereign state. Each country determines its own destiny.”

Commenting the German sanctions against Russia, the delegates have stated: “In the end, all countries are suffering from such conflicts. The sanctions against Russia might cause some damage to Germany, but it would have survived it. Though, Russia needs Europe more than Europe needs Russia. The crisis led to the rallying of the European Union countries. The gas price is more likely to fall than rise. So Putin’s time is running out. The solution has to be found in the peaceful dialogue.”

The Bundestag Members have also commented on the issue of possible Russian reprisals of Crimea citizens: “We do not recognize Crimea annexation and will do our best to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Currently we do not have information on harassment, deportation or reprisals committed in Crimea. Therefore, the comparison with the Holocaust is completely inappropriate, since there is no cause for this.”

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