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Defensive squads constrain retreat of Russian forces

February 3, 2015

Russian forces started using defensive squads to prevent retreat of troops

Defensive squads constrain retreat of Russian forces

Russian forces began to use the tactics of defensive squads to prevent retreats from battlefield and drive militants to attack.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

The spokesperson told that defense actions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in response to shelling and attacks of fighters and Armed Forces of Russian  Federation resulted in considerable losses of personnel and military equipment for the enemy.

The enemy lost considerable number of Donetsk and Luhansk Peopole’s Repubclis fighters, ‘Cossacks’, Russian mercenaries and servicemen.

‘This results in massive unauthorized abandoning of illegal armed groups’. According to operative data, one of retreats of fighters was constrained by defensive squads made of MIA troops of Russian Federation.

Mr.Lysenko explained that when armed groups were attacking the town of Uglehirsk, fighters were killed in open space, Ukrainian forces could ‘cover’ them by artillery.

‘They came out of settlements, came to an open area and nothing prevented us from opening fire at them. The panic which emerged when there was massive loss of fighters and damaging of vehicles forced them to retreat. However, Russian commandment forestalled the situation’, – the spokesperson said.

According to him, Russian troops forced fighters to return and continue the attack.

Mr. Lysenko informed that the given fact had been confirmed by several sources and by prisoners caught after battles.

According to the spokesperson this is the first time that the enemy uses defensive squads in order to drive people forward to continue attack.

Source:, National Security and Defense Council, headquarters of anti-terrorist operation

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