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Debaltsevo – victory for Russian troops?

February 19, 2015

Blogger Irakli Komakhidze sees Debaltseve as ‘Pyrrhic victory’ of Russian troops.

Debaltseve has been a top topic for at least several weeks. Threat of encirclement was very high because Russian-terrorist troops had brought all reserves there. After numerous cases of intense shelling carried out by Russian backed terrorist forces and may battles there was adopted decision to retreat from Debaltseve to avoid complete encirclement.

This decision was supported by many and criticized as well.

Here is an opinion of blogger Irakli Komakhidze concerning the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Debaltseve. Especially for

Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo

According to the blogger, withdrawal of Ukrainian troops can be viewed in different ways. Here are opinions expressed in the article

  • Withdrawal of troops from the ‘bridgehead’ which is actually withdrawal from encirclement is the right decision. Thousand of lives of patriots were saved and they have to confront the Russian invaders in other areas
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard showed their best side in battles for Debaltsevo, they showed heroism and perseverance until they received an order to retreat
  • The retreat wasn’t easy and not without losses, but mostly it was organized and covered. In the areas of breakthrough Ukrainian servicemen managed to destroy and capture enemy’s forces
  • Russian troops and their ‘Novorossiya’ mongrels threw all their manpower to Debaltsevo and really got too tough after loosing large amount of people and military equipment
  • Russian federation fully revealed itself with its last actions. Russian Generals, troops and equipment appeared in Debaltsevo uncovered.

Russia has run out of cannon food

According to blogger Komakhidze, this all indicates that ‘separatists’, who are in reality a cocktail of undercover reserve of General Intelligence Staff / Federal Security Service as fighters and Russian troops as battalion tactical groups have almost run out of local allies who have been used as cannon food in the first advancing echelons.

They have as well run out of the supply of the so-called Ukrainian ‘trophy’ military equipment which is actually Russian weapon.

They had to openly use their regular military units and military equipment. The social networks are already full of evidence with photos of Russian tanks, tented trucks KAMaZ, mortars and other equipment.

The blogger asks what Putin has achieved by doing this. He murdered several hundred Russians and once again confirmed his image of small and despicable liar.

Meanwhile, blogger believes that in this situation Ukraine presented itself in better light.

‘Let’s think Putin has got into a mousetrap’, – he says.


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