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Debaltsevo – encircled or not?

February 13, 2015

Putin states that Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo are encircled and blocked, Ukrainian servicemen objects

Situation in Debaltsevo

Completely blocked or not?

According to commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’ MP Semen Semenchenko, there is no blocking of Ukrainian armed forces at Debaltsevo bridgehead. There is an operative encirclement, the enemy controls some settlements along the route M-103 Artemivsk – Debaltsevo and Debaltsevo – Luhanske road.

This operative encirclement makes it difficult to supply the military units and take the wounded soldiers to hospitals. However, this is not complete blockade. Despite the main route blocked by Russian-terrorist forces there’re many other roads which are under control of Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard. Correspondingly, Ukrainian military units encircled on the bridgehead receive supplies.


Control of Logvinovo village

Acting press secretary of the General staff informed that Ukrainian armed forces hadn’t retreated from Logvinovo. According to him, the operation on its seizing is in process and Ukrainian forces are performing maneuvers.

However, Mr. Semenchenko objected to this news. According to his sources in Debaltsevo bridgehead, the village of Logvinovo is not under control of Ukrainian forces and they had to retreat from the location recently. Yesterday Ukrainian Armed Forces and ‘Donbas’ regiment had to retreat from Logvinovo due to absence of support of armored vehicles. However, the village can be taken under control again.

Source: commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, MP Semen Semenchenko

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