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Let her father look at her from heaven and be proud

Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings

Her father can be proud looking at her from heaven.

In Cherkasy and Canada there has taken place exhibition of drawings of killed Ukrainian soldier Vladimir Lozheshnikov.

Volodymyr Lozheshnikov was killed in war in eastern Ukraine. Exhibition of drawing of his daughter has taken place recently.

Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings

Her name is Dasha. She is a fragile 13 years old girl with almond brown eyes. Her drawings are as sunny as her character.

Her father was volunteer militant and served in ‘Donbas’ regiment. He got his second wound in late August 2014 and died three days later in captivity.

He didn’t die from his wounds but from indifference of Russian doctors. They didn’t make him injection of antiseptics, this resulted in gangrene which killed him in two days.

According to Presidential Decree from November 27, 2014 Volodymyr was posthumously awarded with order ‘For courage’ of III degree.

Volodymyr’s name was included in the Book of Memory of the fallen servicemen from Cherkasy oblast and immortalized on the obelisk to killed policemen.

Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings

His daughter’s drawings are filled with life, light, sun and love. She pains in yellow and blue colors with red poppies.

Dasha’s father dreamed that drawing of her daughter would be exhibited. Volodymyr’s dream came true after his death. Now he can look at her from heaven and be proud of his child.

Dasha is clever, inquisitive girl. Despite the fact that her parents are ethnic Russians the girl speaks Ukrainian. Clean, literary Ukrainian language is a sign of sophistification, education and patriotism for this girl.

Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings Dasha Lozheshnikova's drawings


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