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Danylo Lubkivsky: Ukraine’s Nation is Consolidated by the Aggression


April 14, 2014, Kyiv – Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, said at a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center that Russia went over to second stage of the war, undertaking a covert operation in Ukraine’s East. Mr. Lubkivsky noted that Russia sticks to the same routine as in Crimea: first, they recruit and arm professional military, second, they deploy them on Ukrainian territory, third, they hire local radicals to pose as the “pro-Russian forces”, fourth, they try to make it look like a turmoil coming from beneath.

“However, it’s not a grass root movement. It’s a full-blown foreign aggression on Ukraine, and there are valid proofs of Russian “special-ops groups” being deployed on the ground, including photos of Russian weaponry, videos, radio talks, names of persons, etc.”, emphasized Mr. Lubkivsky.

One thing is abundantly clear, says Mr. Lubkivsky, that these are NOT Ukrainians, but professional Russian militants outfitted in bullet-proof vests and camouflage uniforms carrying Russian-origin weapons, some of the faces have been recognized from Crimea. Saboteurs with Russian citizenship have been apprehended. We have multiple interceptions of radio traffic among Russian military units. All of this was reported to the United Nations on April 13, 2014, and not one state supported Russian claims.

Commenting on Ukraine’s actions, Mr. Lubkivsky said that Ukraine is fighting back, and there was an anti-terrorist operation going on in Ukraine’s East.

Mr. Lubkivsky also noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry threatens to call off meeting in Geneva later this week under the pretext that Ukraine oppresses “people protests” in the East. “Kremlin tries to shift the responsibility. Russia’s moral integrity has been lost, and its prestige it totally ruined by its efforts to import terrorism to Ukraine”, says Mr. Lubkivsky.

“In the meantime, Ukraine will move forward: we will hold the presidential elections, the law enforcement renovation is underway, local patriots continue to enlist, as they cannot remain indifferent. The Government makes every effort to restore confidence in the authorities The nation is consolidated by the aggression. We will make the next step towards true national unity through responsible governance and strong democracy”, noted Mr. Lubkivsky.

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