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Danylo Lubkivsky: Increasing pressure is applied on Russia in international organizations


Kyiv, 27 March, 2014 – Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, announced at the briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center that Ukraine is witnessing unprecedented international support: “Increasing pressure is applied on the aggressor in international organizations. A formal complaint was filed by 41 nations in the UN Human Rights Council – about the blatant lies on “human rights abuse” that Russia used as a pretext for the war. 40 nations support UN High Commissioner call for “an immediate, comprehensive and independent investigation”. Danylo Lubkivsky stressed that Ukraine endorses this call for inspectors to come, investigate and call Moscow’s bluff.

Mr. Lubkivsky also said that a special General Assembly session is in preparation to deal with the Crimean dilemma: “We are confident that the majority of the United Nations will condemn Rissia’s actions. Clearly we understand that this crisis cannot be resolved militarily at this stage. Russia is a “Goliath”, a regional power that has had their “fifteen minutes of glory”. But it cannot win a war against international law, justice and truth. This makes Ukraine confident and resolved”.

Commenting on the alleged build-up of Russian military on Ukraine’s Eastern border, Deputy Minister emphasized that Ukraine is analyzing these reports and drawing necessary conclusions, “we are ready to stand our ground and defend our Motherland against any kind of aggression”.

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