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Danylo Lubkivsky: First Round of the All-Ukrainian Unity Dialogue Will Take Place in the Rada on May 14


Kyiv, May 13, 2014 – Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, announced at a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center that on Wednesday the first round of the All-Ukrainian Unity Dialogue would take place on the premises of the Rada. “Dialogue is a pivotal concept in modern Ukraine. Maidan started from a protest of citizens who wanted to be heard by the Government”, said Mr. Lubkivsky, “and in post-Maidan Ukraine dialogue between regions, with authorities, among the civil society define who we are as a nation”.

The All-Ukrainian Dialogue will encompass representatives of major political parties, representatives of regions and confessions, academia, business circles, arts etc.

Mr. Lubkivsky also confirmed that while consultations on the OSCE Road Map continue, still the Road Map cannot cancel or substitute implementation of Geneva agreements and clear commitments. “While Ukraine holds its end to the bargain, Russia needs to withdraw the military from our borders and stop support of terrorists in Ukrainian territory”, stated Deputy Foreign Minister.

Commenting on the Crimean issue, Mr. Lubkivsky emphasized that Ukraine commemorates victims of the Soviet Stalin deportation from Crimea, and on May 16th representatives of Crimean Tatars and other nationalities, the Government and diplomatic corps will hold a requiem in the memory of the 70th anniversary of those tragic events. “Ukrainians will demonstrate solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Crimea, whose families died en route to Central Asia, endured hardships in a strange land, eventually returned to the Motherland and now either have to leave their home again or live under the occupation”, stated Mr. Lubkivsky.

Among other news, the Foreign Minister will accompany the Prime Minister and other members of the Cabinet to Brussels, where first in the history of Ukraine joint session of the European Commission and Ukrainian Government will take place. They will discuss the EU assistance in political and economic reforms in Ukraine.

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