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‘Cyborgs’ destroyed about 60 Russian servicemen and local fighters

December 2, 2014

Advisor to the President Biriukov: Donetsk airport cyborgs destroyed about 60 Russian servicemen and terrorists

‘Cyborgs’ destroyed about 60 Russian servicemen and local fighters

Advisor to the President of Ukraine and volunteer Yuriy Biriukov informed on Monday night that defenders of Donetsk airport [often called cyborgs] had destroyed 27 Russian servicemen and about 30 local fighters.

He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

‘Operative data about Donetsk airport, as of 08.56 pm, Monday: in general, rumors about some special forces from Russia are not rumors. Several dozens of some specific ‘astronauts’ have arrived and led mass of organisms [that is how the author calls local fighters] to attack. In general, if the Russians talk about us as of an inhospitable nation – do not be surprised’, – Biriukov writes.

He adds, that according to interception of radio connection used by terrorists, ’27 servicemen of special forces have gone home this morning in cozy coffins’.

Biriukov also mentions that about 25-30 local fighters have been killed. 2 filed commanders have been wounded.


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