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Crimeas as a military base [infographics]

December 23, 2014

Military base in Crimea

Crimeas as a military base [infographics]

Since Russian Federation illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula, it started transforming in into a military base. The agressor started deploying itstroops closer and closer to Ukrainian borders. Today, with its 40 000 troops, 43 battleships, dozens of missile launchers and fighter jets Crimea has become a threat tothe security of the entire European region.

Since March 2014 Russian additionally deployed 2 aviation regiments with nuclear missiles, 14 additional Su-27 and Su-30 planes, ‘Iskander’, ‘Bastion’, C-300, ‘Grad’ missile systems and railway troops. In addition Russian Armed Forces occupied all former locations of Ukrainian ground and naval forces.



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