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Crimean Tatars call on creation of civic headquarters and massive blockade of Crimea

Crimean Tatars call on creation of civic headquarters and massive blockade of Crimea

Since annexation of Crimea Ukrainian legislation got two new laws. The first one is Law ‘On provision of the rights and freedoms of citizens and the legal regime on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea’ and the second is Law ‘On creation of free economic zone ‘Crimea’ and the peculiarities of economic activity on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.’

According to head of Mejlis Refat Chubarov, the first law provides influence of Ukrainian Constitution on the peninsula, which it its turn is supposed to provide protection and implementation of national, cultural, social and legal rights on the temporarily occupied territory.

‘Instead of this we see daily evidence of pressure, detentions, searches, pogroms which are organized by occupation government against Crimean Tatars and people of other nationalities,’ – this was announced by Refat Chubarov during press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center on September 8.

‘We have political prisoners. They are deputy chairman of Mejlis Akhtem Chyhoz, Crimean Tatar activists Ali Asanov and Mustafa Dzhehermendzhy, patriots of Ukraine Oleg Sentsov and Oleksander Kolchenko. Besides, there spread facts of disappearance of people, currently two have been killed,’ – Chubarov said.


Crimean Tatars call on creation of civic headquarters and massive blockade of Crimea

Refat Chubarov

The second of mentioned laws allows free delivering of goods from Ukraine to the occupied territory.

In this respect Mr. Chubarov gave data which had been recently published by the Center of Journalist Investigations.

In course of the last week [August 31 – September 6] 5 777 tons of goods came from mainland to the peninsula. The total value of goods which have arrived to Crimean peninsula in course of this year is $475 millions.

So we have this social incident, when crimes against humanity are committed in Crimea every day meanwhile Ukrainian business lobbies supply of goods to Crimea.

‘We believe that this is illegal because in this way Ukrainian state feeds occupants and supports the Kremlin government which now opposes Ukraine,’ – the leader of Crimean Tatars said.

Thus, the experts in the inner circle and later Crimea activists came to a single solution – stop any supply of goods from the mainland to the peninsula and thus create blockade of Crimea.


Crimean Tatars call on creation of civic headquarters and massive blockade of Crimea

Mustafa Dzhemilev

And the issue is not only about foods. Mustafa Dzhemilev underlined that 85% of the electricity and about 80% of water, especially that one for irrigation, is supplied by Ukraine.

‘And if before occupation such spending was paid off by cost of tourism, business visits, now Ukraine doesn’t get anything,’ – Dzhemilev emphasized.

The only argument against blockade is the moral aspect that our [Ukrainian] people are still in Crimea.

‘This argument is absurd because according to all international laws, occupant should provide food, electricity and other benefits’.

The other argument is that Ukraine feeds its citizens in Crimea with the supplied goods.

‘I can officially claim that this is false. 80% of those products are reloaded to other trucks and delivered to Russian Federation by Kerch crossing. Because prices there are several times higher’, – Dzhemilev underlined.


Vice president of World Congress of Crimean Tatars Lenur Islamov shared observations that Ukrainian began to forget that Crimea was part of Ukraine only a year ago.

Crimean Tatars call on creation of civic headquarters and massive blockade of Crimea

Lenur Islamov

‘I repeatedly hear that we are very weak to fight for Crimea as well, maybe they are better there [in Russia]. I can surely say that Crimea needs to be returned,’ – Lenur Islamov emphasized.


Social activists prepared a number of demands from members of the civil blockade of Crimea:

  • liberation of political prisoners;
  • cessation of illegal interference with work of Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian mass media in Crimea;
  • access to Crimea for foreign journalists and observers;
  • termination of criminal procedures and administrative persecution of Crimean Tatars and other citizens of Ukraine;
  • lifting of ban to the leaders of Crimean Tatar people to come to the occupied peninsula.


According to Mustafa Dzhemilev, the mentioned demands had been previously discussed with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk. The demands will be further discussed to avoid violation of laws of Ukraine.

‘We see that this is perhaps the only chance to return Crimea to Ukraine, because negotiations with occupants don’t lead to solution of the problem,’ – Mustafa Dzhemilev summed up.

Headquarters of public blockade of Crimea is located at Syedovtsiv Street, 22 in Kyiv.

The date of blockade is currently unknown. Participants say that they will go to the border with the peninsula in the 20th of this month.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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