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Crimea flooded with anti-Ukrainian propagandist literature

November 20, 2014

Layouts of anti-Ukrainian propagandist literature in Crimea

Crimea flooded with anti-Ukrainian propagandist literature

The picture above displays part of layout of propagandist literature in one of Crimean bookstores. The titles of books say: ‘Rebirth of Novorossiya [New Russia – quasi state formation Russia is trying to establish in Ukraine]’, ‘Ukraine – eternal ruin. Hopak [traditional dance of Cossacks] on blood’.

Mobile group of human right activists informs about this in Facebook.

‘Russian propaganda meets guests in Simferopol airport with a large amount of anti-Ukrainian literature. It is surprising that they have already managed to write it and print in thousands of copies.

In addition, in Russia they have rewritten and published ideologically correct ‘History of Crimea’.

Previously activists of the organization ‘Don’t be indifferent!’ informed about burning of books written in Ukrainian in Crimea. For example, one Crimean activist managed to saver Bible, ‘Essay on the History of Culture of Ukraine’ and works of classics of Ukrainian literature.

Previously we have informed that Russian Federation is preparing eighth humanitarian convoy for Ukrainian Donbas.


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