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Creative industries have chance to save economy of Ukraine, including through exports

Creative industries have chance to save economy of Ukraine, including through exports

Intellect, hard work and creativity – this is a formula of successful business in Ukraine and guarantee of success of Ukrainian economy in the current environment.

This opinion was  expressed by economist, president of International Business Institute Alexander Savchenko during roundtable discussion in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The economist believes that reserve should be searched for in innovations, creativity and service industries.

Till the end of the year inflation will be 50%. If there is no default, the dollar exchange rate will reach 28 UAH. Real income of the population will drop by 30%’, – Savchenko said.


Experts see a positive side in devaluation of the currency

The experts forecasted that the following year GDP would grow by 1-2%, inflation would grow by 15%, and dollar exchange rate would be 30-32 UAH.

However, Mr. Savchenko said that devaluation has got a positive side. Although it kills local market, it gives opportunities for export.

‘25% of world duty-free market is open for us. If there is agreement with US, Ukraine will be able to freely export not only to EU, but also to US and Canada. 50% of world market will be opened for Ukraine’, – he said.


Many opportunities for IT sphere and export potential

Ukrainian product is good enough for export

Business that is not related to the officials would get advantages. Among them there is IT sphere.

Director of the Association ‘IT Ukraine’ Victor Valiev mentioned that according to approximate estimations export of Ukrainian IT sphere is 42-45 billion UAH.

General Director of Media 1+1 Alexander Tkachenko believes that development of export potential, including creative economy, is one of opportunities for Ukrainian economy to survive.

Regarding television industry market our country has 2 perspective industries. Fits of all it is production of new formats and ideas. Their advantage is that a few successful stories is enough for revenues of tens millions of dollars. Secondly, we should pay attention to export of service for customers on films, TV series and commercials. However, in this sphere entrepreneurs are dependent on government and there is need for tax breaks.

‘Tax break will not only contribute to construction of film studios, but it will also increase job placements in Ukraine. According to our modest estimations, income can reach from 100 to 200 million UAH’, – Tkachenko said.

He added that if we do not go for export, it will be impossible to improve economy.

Vice-President of National Academy of Science of Ukraine Valeriy Geets believes that producers should seize the opportunity and develop export potential in course of next 2-3 years because our country would not last longer on breaks.

Founder of typography HUASS, ideologist of portal of creative economy Chernozem Kanstyantyn Kozhemyaka explained that despite high intellectual level of the nation and high creative opportunities Ukraine lacks the extensive interaction of creative industries.

The obstacle is that issue of protection of intellectual property is not solved.

‘We need changes on the level of psychology, social model of behaviour, self-employment, there should be no officials, initiative should come from below. This is what is called ‘Generation Z’, – the expert underlined.

Director of Secretariat Department of the Ministry Cabinet Egor Stephanovych said that the Cabinet had opened new direction that deals with open data. Ukrainian companies and businesses get about 2 billion UAH for export of computer services, which is 40 times growth. No other industry in Ukraine has got such growth’, – said Yuriy Antaniuk, president of Epam Systems Ukraine.

According to him, creative economy is very important and promising for Ukraine. But there will be more chances for its development if the government doesn’t interfere with it and does not change the rules of the game often.


Ukrainian product is good enough for export

Founder of Made in Ukraine project Julia Savostina has spoken to over 1 500 Ukrainian entrepreneurs during last 3 years. She came to conclusion that our producers were hiding from Ukrainians despite the fact that they can substitute import in all spheres from toothbrush to clothes and furniture. Their authority boosted on the wave of patriotism and sometimes Ukrainian entrepreneurs do not have time to meet the demand of people.

Logistics is one of obstacles to import of Ukrainian goods.

‘Inside the country we don’t have a company which is ready commit itself to export products at normal price even for festival, not to mention the routine work’, – Ms. Savostina underlined.

In addition, the problem of customs is also important, that is why it is next to impossible to sale of Ukrainian goods in Europe. Solutions require treatment of financial matters, simplification of laws. Otherwise, Ukrainian producers cannot transparently work abroad, the only remaining option is selling in online stores.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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