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COVID-19 in Ukraine: Facts and Figures

As of 07:00 on March 25, 113 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were registered in 13 regions of Ukraine. Three more cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Kyiv, and thus, there are already 34 cases of this infection in the region.

The number of infected persons by region:

Chernivtsi region – 38 (1 died);

Kyiv – 31;

Kyiv region – 22;

Ivano-Frankivsk region – 5 (1 died);

Ternopil region – 4;

Dnipropetrovsk region – 2;

Zhytomyr region – 2 (1 died);

Zaporizhzhia region – 2;

Lviv region – 2;

Volynska region – 1;

Donetsk region – 1;

Lugansk region – 1;

Odessa region – 1;

Cherkasy region – 1.

1 person (Chernivtsi region) has been discharged after treatment.

To prevent the spread of the disease throughout the country, quarantine has been introduced. President Volodymyr Zelensky created a coordinating council on countering coronavirus, which he himself headed.

The Cabinet of Ministers introduced an emergency situation regime and extended quarantine throughout the country for 30 days, so, now it is supposed to end on 24th. 

In the package of “anti-coronavirus laws” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on March 17, economic measures to mitigate the crisis are provided for in bill No. 3220. The business received partial relief in the form of deferred payments of a single social security tax, as well as taxes on land and commercial real estate. “Concessions” for households are provided only in terms of exemption from fines and penalties for late payments on consumer loans.

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