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From $5 to 10 million per each day of war in Donbas

From $5 to 10 million per each day of war in Donbas

President Poroshenko informed that every day of war in Eastern Ukraine costs from $5 to 10 million.

When we were at Maidan we didn’t expect our country to be involved in Great War.

He said this in his interview to BBC Ukraine.

President says that during Maidan officials didn’t expect that Ukraine would be caught up in such a great war. He underlined that every day of war costs Ukraine from $5 to 10 millions. This is a huge price for such small country as Ukraine.

7 000 lives is a huge price.

According to the president, the most industrialized regions of Ukraine are now occupied, the biggest plants either stopped, or were destroyed or transported to Russia.

Source:, BBC Ukraine

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