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Considerable part of Luhansk under control of the ATO forces. – NSDC

August 20, 2014

Active hostilities in Luhansk, considerable part of it is currently controlled by the ATO forces

Considerable part of Luhansk under control of the ATO forces. - NSDC

Ukrainian troops continue to attack in order to cut off the connection between Donetsk and Horlivka to prevent new supply of arms and manpower. Currently there are active hostilities near the number of settlements in Luhansk and Donetsk oblast.

Hostilities in Luhansk and Donetsk are complicated due to terrorists using heavy arms. In Luhansk Chechec mercenaries still shell the city with ‘Grad’ volley fire systems settled in eastern districts. But a considerable part of the city is already controlled by Ukrainian armed forces.

Simultaneously there are hostilities in direction Ilovaisk-Zuhres in Donetsk oblast. During the day the ATO forces had armed clashes in the areas of 7 settlements.

Currently it is impossible to restore water supply in Luhansk due to damage of water distribution systems in the city. It it impossible to carry out repair works due to active hostilities. In Luhansk oblast 40% of railway station including the one in the city don’t function. There’s no connection to Donetsk railway department.

On the coast of Azov Sea in Donetsk oblast the National Guard has organized accompaniment of columns with children who leave the area of active hostilities and go to camps and holiday homes along the coast. Only during the last day 25 columns have been accompanied by soldiers.

Source: UNIAN

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