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Conflict for the warehouse of smuggled goods in LNR

December 18, 2014

Situation in Luhansk and Donetsk directions of the conflict zone

Conflict for the warehouse of smuggled goods in LNR

Here is an operative data from experts of ‘Information resistance’ group about current situation in Eastern Ukraine.

General situation

During the last 24 hours experts registered relocation of fighters group in northern part of Donetsk city. Re-supplied gang of ‘Motorola’ and several Russian troops were moved to the front line. Ammunition is delivered by civil transport. In addition there are several (up to 5) ‘nomadic’ mortar calculations in the region.

terrorist Motorola

terrorist Motorola

Company tactical group of Russian Federation Armed Forces has started from Telmanovo to Starognativka and Novolaspa. The group is equipped with servicemen of 2 separate motorized rifle brigades of the Southern Military district of Russia).

Previously ‘IR’ group informed about this very group. After loosing minimum one tank and one artillery system this group moved deeper into combat formation of Russian troops in order to re-supply its equipment.

LNR fighters have conflict because of seizing of smuggled goods

In the settlement of Krasnodon there has been registered conflict between armed groups of the self-proclaimed LNR [Luhansk People’s republic]. The reason for conflict is seizing of a secret base of smuggled good which belongs to another armed group (militants call it ‘transfer warehouse’).

The ‘rights holders’ of the smuggled goods demand return of seized property under threat of usage of tanks (2 tanks were taken into the town for this goal, one of them stalled at the entrance). Sides of the conflict are having tense negotiations.

terrorist Motorola . conflict because of seizing of smuggled goods

Situation in Luhansk direction

Situation in the area of settlement of Stasynsta Luhanska: another re-supply has arrived there from the city of Luhansk. It consists of 130 fighters, 2 anti-tank artillery units MT-12 ‘Rapira’, 7 fighting armored vehicles.

In general experts register withdrawal of the enemy’s personnel only n the left flank of Luhansk direction. In the other areas Russian-terrorist troops keep their artillery and armored military equipment on the front positions and continues shelling positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group


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