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Concentration of confiscated Ukrainian military equipment in Millerovo, provocations are being prepared

July 7, 2014

Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration Iryna Verigin denied the capture of Ukrainian aircraft in the Luhansk region and reported concentration of confiscated Ukrainian military equipment in Millerovo (RF).

Concentration of confiscated Ukrainian military equipment in Millerovo, provocations are being prepared


‘Staff of ATO denies this information. There is an aircraft that had emergency landing, but it was in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but not in Lugansk,’ – she said. However, in her opinion, the militants could use Ukrainian equipment, including aircraft, which were confiscated from Ukraine in Crimea.


‘All our planes are with us. Fighters don’t have Ukrainian aircraft. But there’s Ukrainian military equipment that have been transferred to Russian from Crimes. It was taken to Rostov region town of Millerovo. Our Ukrainian planes are in Millerovo now’ – she said and added that ‘now their pilots can fly on our planes. The same is with our ‘GRAD’ system. They have 15 units, that have been captured in Crimea’.


Recently one of the leaders of Lugansk separatists Igor Plotnytskiy claimed that separatists will soon have their own aviation. ‘One of Ukrainian planes – SU-25 – had to have emergency landing and we captured it. It needs easy repairing and then it will join our array. The army of ‘Lugansk National Republick’ will finally have it’s own aviation’ – I. Plotnytskiy said without specifying the locationa where the plane had been captured and from where it would be supposed to fly.


This info was disproved by sources of ‘Ukrainska pravda’ in the ATO headquarters. ‘Two planes flied to Lugansk airport, unloaded, were shelled but returned to the place of their dislocation’. Besides, ATO press -officer Oleksiy Dmytrashkovskiy also disproved this information in his commentary to ‘Ukrainska pravda’.

‘No, it’s not true. Special equipment and special skills are needed to use aviation. It’s not a car. Plus – aviation gas is very expensive. Declarations of LND and DNR are disinformation aimed at discrediting of Ukrainian army and showing their importance. This information if 99.99 % lie’ – Oleksiy Dmytrashkovskiy said.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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