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Committee of soldiers’ mothers: ‘Putin has sent 15.000 of militants to Ukraine’

August 28, 2014

Some Russian soldiers are sent to Ukraine by force, and some of them are conscript servicemen

Committee of soldiers' mothers: 'Putin has sent 15.000 of militants to Ukraine'

This was declared by head of Union of Committees of soldiers’ mothers Valentin Melnikova.

According to her one militants who served at polygon in Gukovo in Rostov oblast [Russia] sent his mother a message in which he said that colonel Medinskiy had gathered soldiers and ordered them to sign contracts.

‘We’ll send you to Luhansk. If you don’t sign contract I’ll do it myself’, – said the colonel.

According to Melnikova’s estimations currently there are about 15.000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine. She underlined that it is difficult to state how many of them don’t have military documents but canceled contracts pr documents of indefinite leave.

Besides, the head of committee of soldiers’ mothers that currently it is unknown how many Russian militants have died in Eastern Ukraine during the conflict.

‘In about half a year families would understant that they have been deceived, then they’ll go to unds, to neighbours, to our committee: ‘Help us, the son has been killed in a war…’ Then we’ll know how many of them died’.

Source: Information Resistance group

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