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Commentaries of Head of ‘Inforesist’ group Dmytro Tymchuck on current situation in Ukraine

July 15, 2014

Dmytro Tymchuck: few words on current situation

Commentaries of Head of 'Inforesist' group Dmytro Tymchuck on current situation in Ukraine


According to Tymchuck one should make difference between the current hidden war of Russia against Ukraine and the possibility of full-scale military conflict between the two countries (open invasion of Russia into Ukraine).

Official representatives of Ukrainian government confirm the information that have been previously spread by ‘Inforesist’ group about reappearance of Russian military personnel in Donbas (as it was in spring this year). Together with an active transfer of militants and military vehicles from Russian territory it means that we are dealing with hidden military invasion – the same as it was in Crimea in February-March in this year.

At the same time according to our data in the number of militants in Rostov region (Russia) is constantly growing. Since today (July 15) the commanders of groups of special forces are ready to be transferred to Ukrainian territory.

Theoretically in this situation Russian special forces may be used for two purposes:

a) to ensure the actions of Russian troops during the open invasion – reconnaissance and sabotage in the interests of advancing units and sub-units

b) to strengthen the terrorist activity of Donbas fighters by sabotage.


As ‘Inforesist’ group have informed earlier, currently there are no tactical groups by which Russian could start full-scale invasion in the following several days. It means that that special forces might be used for continuing hidden war in Donbas.

At the same time, according to Tymchuck, the possibility of full-scale military invasion should not be excluded. In order to understand its possibility it is necessary to hold constant monitoring of powers and means that Russia is concentrating in regions close to Ukrainian border.


D. Tymchuck informed about the changing of the war format.

According to information from the National Security council there are shelling of positions of Ukrainian soldiers carried out from Russian territory. According to official data during the last 24 hours there were several shellings of border units that were carried out from Russian territory. Such facts are not unique lately.

Such events indicate that except for hidden was in Donbas Russia is making aggressive actions against Ukraine from its own territory.

The air strike at Snizhne that has taken place today requires a thorough investigation.

Whereas Ukrainian Armed Forces don’t use aviation since the second half of July 14 and terrorists don’t have necessary aircraft, such attack could be carried out only by Russian Air Forces.

All such facts require thorough documentation with subsequent handing to the UN and other international organizations. The goal is to prove to international community that events in Donbas are not an internal conflict. They are a war of Russia against Ukraine. Unfortunately it is not obvious for lots of people on international arena.

Source: Facebook, Dmytro Tymchuck, Inforesist



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