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Commander of fighters: ‘We need the whole Ukraine’

Commander of fighters: ‘We need the whole Ukraine’

Donbas fighters want to control the whole Ukraine and keep blaming Ukrainian government for military aggression.

Fighters of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic say that the war will end when a pro-russian state is formed to the south of Russia.

One of leader of DNR fighters, commander of ‘Vostok’ battalion and so-called Secretary of the Security Council of DNR Alexey Khodakovskiy said this. Russian journalists call this man the second most important person in DNR.

Khodakovskiy said that he accepts existence of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics only as a transitional phase.

‘Our war will end when pro-Russian anti-Nazi state is formed to the south of Russia’. It should be kept in mind that when saying Nazis (or fascists) terrorists mean Ukrainians, so that they want to create anti-Ukrainian state on this territory.

‘In other words, we need the whole Ukraine’, – terrorist leader said.

He also said that fighters’ plans include only offense and threatened to use artillery with ‘inevitable consequences’.

‘The trend settled from August to push the front line will preserve. If we activate this is only in order to move further’.

Meanwhile, leader of DNR fighters kept blaming Ukraine for military aggression.


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